Monday, November 15, 2010

Bruton - BRZ 1 - Face of Danger

Some time ago, i scored a big batch of Brutons! And here is a compilation of selected tracks from some of those libraries! The theme is Drama/Jazz-Funk/Fusion!



01. Jeremy Lubbock - Leisure (BRD2)
02. John Cameron - Thoughts (BRD4)
03. Chris Gunning - Fragrance (BRD5)
04. Keith Mansfield - Warm Glow (BRD6)
05. Duncan Lamont - Funky Flutes (BRD13)
06. Brian Bennett & C. Hall - Getting It (BRD17)
07. John Hawkins - Home Base (BRG1)
08. Peter Morris - Soul Search (BRG2)
09. Steve Gray - Eye Catcher (BRG18)
10. Alan Hawkshaw - Hawkshaw & Fire (BRH5)
11. Keith Mansfield - Important Project 1 (BRJ3)
12. John Hawkins - Zed Bends (BRJ9)
13. Steve Gray - Success Story 3 (BRJ2)
14. John Cameron - Mission Accomplished (BRJ25)
15. John Scott - Motordown (BRK4)
16. Keith Mansfield - Important Project 2 (BRL2)
17. Brian Bennett - Heavy Traffic (BRL2)
18. Steve Gray - Pendulum (BRM1)
19. John Cameron - Search 2 (BRM6)
20. John Cameron - Constellation (BRN1)
21. Johnny Pearson - Prestige (BRN2)
22. Brian Bennett - Impact in Vision (BRN3)
23. John Scott - Imposing Surroundings (BRN4)
24. Nick Ingman - Action News (BRN7)
25. John Scott - Face of Danger (BRQ1)
26. Frank Ricotti - Cool Captions (BRS6)



  1. Big thanks :) Loving that opening track especially ...

  2. hello there, any chance to share the rips of "brd 2 and brg 18" ?

  3. Cheers Zoo- excellent artwork! Big Bruton fans at retro-teque.

  4. Any chance of a rip of BRD 17, please mate?

  5. Awesome Bruton comp, I'm loving it, Thanks for the great music

  6. Are you sure you want rips of those three Brutons?
    They are NOT good... haha!
    But if you want them for completion, i'll rip em and send them to you. Don't think i will post em here?

  7. I'd appreciate it- nice to fill in the gaps.
    Le me know if there's anything you need in return.

  8. Thanks!

    Do you have Bruton BRG 02 - Contemporary Orchestral?

  9. Oh yes you do :D I'd love to hear the whole lp

  10. Yeah, and BRG2 ain't that bad either. I'll do some ripping during the weekend!

  11. Could I could trouble you for a rip of BRG 02 too, please! Greatly appreciated.
    I just posted a list of some of the gaps I have here:

    Hope you can help!

  12. Greets ZOO. I just recently discovered your blog. I haven't had the opportunity to go through the entirety of your archives, but I have stumbled across a couple of fantastic posts. Thank you for the great music you are sharing here. I have been running my own blog for over four years now. You can find Digital Meltd0wn @

    I am actually working on a library music theme at the moment. I would be honored if you stop by some time. I also run my own music blogroll/aggregator over @ I'll be sure to add your blog to the site during my next update. Take care and keep up the great work.


  13. @Zoo, no need to rip BRG 02...

    Cheers and keep on steppin'

  14. oops... just realized the date of this old thread. oh well.

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